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Voici quelques exemples:

Guy’s Coaching Corner by Guy Bakerguy baker

Pressure Defense: Tactical Component
Pressure Defense: Technical Component
Counter Attack: Tactical Component
Counter Attack: Designing the Technical Component:


Goalkeeper Technique by Manuel Silvestre Manuel

Becoming a Goalkeeper: Part 1 & 2
Becoming a Goalkeeper: Part 3 & 4
Becoming a Goalkeeper: Part 5
Becoming a Goalkeeper: Part 6.1 – 6.2.1
Becoming a Goalkeeper: Part 6.2.2 – 6.2.4
Becoming a Goalkeeper: Part 6.2.5 – 6.2.8

Learning and Teaching the Basics by Monte Nitzkowskimonte

Chapter 1: Taking a Young Inexperienced Team to Competitive Level
Chapter 2: The Swim Srokes and Water Polo
Chapter 3: The Kicks of Water Polo
Chapter 4: Picking Up the Ball
Chapter 5: Dribbling and Change of Direction
Chapter 6 Part 1: Passing the Ball
Chapter 6 Part 2: Passing the Ball
Chapter 7 Part 1: Shooting
Chapter 7 Part 2: Shooting
Chapter 7 Part 3: Shooting
Chapter 7 Part 4: Shooting
Chapter 8: Player Positions
Chapter 9 Part 1: The Goalkeeper
Chapter 9 Part 2: The Goalkeeper
Chapter 9 Part 3: The Goalkeeper
Chapter 10 Part 1: Conditioning Players
Chapter 10 Part 2: Conditioning Players
Chapter 11: Designing a Practice Schedule


Scouting Water Polo
Defensive Tactics: Part 1
Defensive Tactics: Part 2
Gauhran’s Commandments
Coaching Special Situations
Water Polo Glossary
Situation Fundamentals: Part 1
Situation Fundamentals: Part 2
Cardinal Rules
Offensive Perls
Goalie Gems
Defensive Jewels
Goalie Commandments

POLO: The Manual by P. Cutino and D. Bledsoe Pete Cutino  Dennis Bledsoe

Chapter I: Strength and Conditioning
Chapter II: Passing
Chapter III: Shooting
Chapter IV: Individual Defense
Chapter V: Goalie Play
Chapter V1: Individual Offense
Chapter VII: Game Situations – Part 1
Chapter VII: Game Situations – Part 2
Chapter VIII: Play Systems – Part 1
Chapter VIII: Play Systems – Part 2
Chapter IX: Preperation for the Specific Game
Chapter X: Weight Training